Sunday, April 5, 2009

Orange Business Services Upgrades AsiaPac Network

Orange Business Services announced a series of enhancement to its next-generation converged IP network in Asia Pacific. Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, key APAC backbone countries for Orange, are being transformed to a 2.5 Gbps 'ring" while India and Australia are connected by multiple 622 Mbps links. Trans-Pacific and Asia-Europe links have also been upgraded to Gbps levels. Domestic networks in key countries, including India, will reach Gbps level in 2009. All these capacities are dedicated to multinational customers' intranet traffic and decoupled from the public Internet.

Orange Business Services' network integrates Multicast, IPv6 and Telepresence support. In particular, the Orange network is capable of handling in-the-cloud application acceleration and security as well as converged voice, video and telepresence services.

Orange Business Services' APAC network includes 60 next-generation routers to support the company's new service enhancements, such as:

  • high bandwidth International Ethernet Link available in seven countries, including: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea;

  • Network Boost for application prioritization, management and SLA to ensure required quality for critical applications;

  • IP VPN for Telepresence to meet enterprise needs to reduce travel costs and enable remote meetings; and

  • Network Protect which provides embedded security needed by branch offices to deal with new threats and provide 24/7 managed security.

Orange Business Services is present in 40 countries in Asia Pacific. Ten diverse cable paths link APAC to the rest of the world with paths optimized for fast response time, including:

  • Asia-Europe direct path via Russia;

  • India-Middle East direct path;

  • Asia-South Africa direct path;

  • South Korea-Hong Kong direct path; and

  • Taiwan-Japan direct path.

In Asia Pacific, Orange Business Services currently provides extensive coverage with IP VPN access through 87 PoP's in 57 cities spanning 22 countries. In addition, Orange provides network services specific for the air-transport industry in 17 countries.

Specifically, India is a core hub in the Orange APAC backbone, offering IP VPN coverage in eight cities. New National Long Distance/International Long Distance licenses enable converged domestic and international services. Together with Global Services India, Orange Business Services provides customized network and infrastructure care.

In China, Orange Business Services is a market leader with more than 1,500 customer connections and best-in-class dual partnerships with China Netcom and China Telecom. The company offers IP VPN access in 200 cities as well as high speed Ethernet in 80 of them.

In ASEAN, Orange Business Services has enhanced its presence in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia deploying more than 1,000 IP VPN ports. It is the first global operator in Vietnam to provide MPLS and will provide local PE and Ethernet access in Indonesia later this year.


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