Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Service Broker Forum Targets IN-NGN Orchestration

A new Service Broker Forum has been established with a mission to educate the industry about interdependencies between the Service Layer and Network Layer of next generation networks. Founding members include Aepona, AppTrigger, Convergin and jNetx.

In today's dynamic and evolving landscapes, operators are seeking ways to accelerate new service creation and delivery of telecom products from reusable service components in both IN and NGN networks. Over the last 24 months the Service Broker Product Category has developed as a result of the broadening 3GPP discussion around SCIM and the need to address operators requirements for a flexible, efficient and future proof application to network connectivity solution.

A Service Broker is defined as a network element that efficiently manages service interaction and service composition and resides between the service layer and the converging network and is traditionally decoupled from the core switch and the service execution or service creation environment. Key functionality encompassed by such elements include SCIM, IM-SSF, IN-IN Trigger Management, Protocol/Call Flow Management, and Subscriber Data Management Interaction.

The new Service Broker Forum aims to promote thought leadership and bring an industry voice to the innovation being delivered by Service Broker solutions to the dynamic and evolving telecom landscape.

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