Monday, April 6, 2009

Motorola Introduces MicroEncoder for Video Distribution in MDUs

Motorola announced its QUE100 QAM MicroEncoder, which allows operators to migrate the video content generated and consumed within multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and commercial buildings from analog to digital more easily and cost effectively. The QUE100 enables locally generated analog content, such as security camera feeds, to be incorporated into the digital program lineup.

Motorola said its QUE100 QAM MicroEncoder allows the owners of MDUs or hotels to take advantage of lower cost digital set tops for tenants while still providing easy access to this content as a tuneable digital channel. For instance, existing local analog video feeds from parking lot cameras, door cameras, lobby cameras and facility cameras and other channels featuring content such as local events can be delivered in QAM modulated digital form to tenants' set tops and digital televisions. Its standard QAM RF output merges into the buildings' all-digital service lineup, creating a cost-efficient and easily deployed solution. The QUE100 family provides MPEG-2 SD video encoding and will be offered in several models.

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