Monday, April 20, 2009

Motorola Expands WiMAX Network for Taiwan's Far EasTone

Taiwan-based Far EasTone Telecom (FET) has awarded Motorola additional contracts to expand its WiMAX network in Taichung, Taiwan. The deal follows previous WiMAX contracts with FET signed in 2007. The projects will boost network performance and provide new management features, preparing FET for the commercial launch of mobile broadband services by the end of 2009.

Under the contract, Motorola will deploy its WAP access point portfolio, its WiMAX base stations, and integrate Connectivity Service Network (CSN) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)/Home Agent (HA) solution to extend FET's existing network and provide functions like access control and billing. Motorola has also enhanced the previously deployed Network Management System (NMS) for the expanded network and the new CSN components. Motorola NMS increases network stability and availability. It also ensures improved network performance with advanced design and flexible integration capabilities.

FET, the only Taiwan telecom operator with both cellular and WiMAX networks, is expanding its WiMAX network as part of the operator's commitment to the M-Taiwan project, a government initiative to accelerate WiMAX ecosystem development and create a city-wide broadband network.