Thursday, April 23, 2009

KT's Broadband, WiBro Subscriptions Remain Flat

KT (Korea Telecom)

added 31,612 net new broadband subscriber in March 2009 after losing subscribers in each of the four preceding months. As of the end of March, KT served 6,714,405 broadband subs compared with 6,627,175 a year earlier. Market shares for each of the major broadband players in Korea have remained fairly stable.

Meanwhile revenue for all of the company's Internet access services fell to 519.5 (KRW bn), down 8.4% compared to Q4 2208. Overall revenue for KT reached 2,773.1 (KRW bn), down 3.6% compared to 2,875.3 (KRW bn) in Q4 2008.

Further details are posted in the company's Q1 Preliminary Earnings report, which is online.