Tuesday, April 7, 2009

F5 Introduces BIG-IP 8900 Application Delivery Controller

F5 Networks introduced its BIG-IP 8900 hardware platform, enabling large enterprises and service providers to support extremely high levels of application traffic and integrate advanced optimization and security capabilities. The new 8900 platform gives customers the power to:

  • Consolidate Infrastructure to Realize Cost Savings -- With 12 Gb/s of L7 throughput, 58,000 SSL transactions per second, and 8 Gb/s of hardware compression, the 8900 enables the functional and physical consolidation of application delivery infrastructures, reducing management expenses and TCO. In addition, the new platform comes standard with Fast Cache, IPv6 Gateway, Rate Shaping, SSL Offload, and Intelligent Compression features to help organizations maximize the value of their Application Delivery Controller investments without adding more appliances.

  • Optimize Web Applications to Boost Workforce Efficiency -- the 8900 takes advantage of F5's unique Clustered Multiprocessing (CMP) technology to achieve more than 6x the performance of competitive offerings, helping organizations optimize their infrastructure without availability issues.

  • Scale to Support Evolving Business Drivers -- Building on F5's unified TMOS architecture, the BIG-IP 8900 device gives organizations the ability to cost-effectively implement a viable ADN strategy and plan for future growth. In addition, the new platform supports simultaneous deployments of F5's BIG-IP WebAccelerator and BIG-IP Application Security Manager software modules, integrating security and optimization capabilities into organizations' application delivery infrastructure as required.

In addition, F5 Networks also announced its BIG-IP version 10 software release. The company describes BIG-IP v10 as a milestone release supporting its vision of Unified Application and Data Delivery Services, which redefines how application, server, storage, and network resources are aligned and managed to deliver services that fluidly adapt to changing business requirements. These services provide an agile framework of simple and efficient mechanisms to integrate emerging dynamic computing models, such as virtualization, cloud computing, and SaaS (software as a service), without having to completely re-architect existing systems.

BIG-IP v10 unifies application security, optimization, and acceleration onto a single device. BIG-IP version 10 and all associated product modules are available today. Software product modules include BIG-IP LTM, ASM, WebAccelerator, Global Traffic Manager, and Link Controller.


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