Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crossbeam Unveils 4th Gen Processing Blades for its Security Platform

Crossbeam Systems introduced its fourth-generation application and network processing blades for its X-Series Next Generation Security Platform aimed at carrier and large enterprise networks. The X-Series platform delivers deep packet processing at "real world" rates of 40 Gbps with low-latency, enabling high-touch security services. Processors on the new blades provide more than double the performance of the previous generation, enabling further consolidation of packet processing applications onto the Crossbeam chassis. Along with the new blades,
Crossbeam is also releasing the latest version of its open secure X-Series Operating System (XOS).

A key innovation of Crossbeam's XOS open operating system is its Secure Flow Processing technology -- which sequences traffic flows through security applications running on the X-Series, according to each company's unique policies. Network traffic can be directed through a series of security applications, such as proceeding from a firewall to IPS for deeper rules-based inspection. The ability for customers to serialize and parallelize traffic via Secure Flow Processing is one of the powerful and unique benefits of the X-Series, facilitating the virtualization of security within data centers and throughout the enterprise without sacrificing performance.

"The traditional approach to security, in which every new threat or compliance mandate requires adding more special-purpose appliances and network gear to the security infrastructure, is simply too complex, too difficult to manage and too expensive to be considered viable," said Chet Gapinski, vice president of engineering at Crossbeam. "The X-Series delivers a proven carrier-class architecture for network security, providing the only open and extensible platform that easily scales on demand while driving down costs through massive network consolidation. Our new modules, combined with XOS 8.5, significantly extend these capabilities and benefits."http://www.crossbeam.com

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