Monday, April 27, 2009

Bytemobile Releases Unison Mobile Internet Platform

Bytemobile announced the general availability of its new Unison Mobile Internet Platform for processing all data traffic for Bytemobile applications deployed in mobile networks. The latest Unison release includes Bytemobile's new Media Optimization, Widget Bar and MobileMatch applications.

Key features ofthe Bytemobile product portfolio on the Unison platform include:

Optimization and Services Node (OSN)

  • The OSN Web Optimization application reduces network data volumes to increase capacity for growth in internet traffic and users, enabling operators to manage their operating and capital costs and enhance the user experience with significant download speedup.

  • The WebGate Service, an optional application of the OSN, provides a single service control point within the network for all data traffic, which enables operators to deliver innovative new services such as parental controls, fair-use policies and captive portal applications to their customers while controlling data flow through intelligent service selection.

  • The MobileMatch Service, an optional application of the OSN, supports the selection and delivery of the most relevant value-added services for individual consumers, using real-time analysis of both contextual and behavioral data.

Web Fidelity Suite

  • The Web Fidelity Suite Content Adaptation application dynamically and transparently transcodes web, Flash and multimedia content for interactive use on all mobile devices, while retaining the functionality and integrity of the original PC experience.

  • The Widget Bar application provides operators with a direct communication channel to the mobile user, empowering them to deliver portal content to all off-portal pages and to influence and simplify the browsing experience by suggesting useful and relevant content, applications and widgets.

  • The Ad Insertion application enables operators to serve highly relevant advertisements to consumers, thereby opening substantial new revenue streams while enhancing the customization and personalization of the user's mobile browsing experience.

Media Fidelity Suite

  • The Media Fidelity Suite Media Optimization application enables operators to manage the impact of escalating video traffic on their network operations and dramatically increase quality of service to users through data reduction and control of effective bandwidth utilization.

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