Monday, April 6, 2009

Bytemobile Introduces MobileMatch to Enables Mobile Operators to Analyze Browsing Trends

Bytemobile introduced its MobileMatch application, a new software application that enables operators to dynamically present users with personalized content and services through real-time analysis of browsing behavior, application data and subscriber data.

The MobileMatch software is a new application of Bytemobile's Optimization and Services Node (OSN). Deployed in the core data path of the network, the OSN provides intelligent policy-based gateway functions and optimization services that enable operators to improve network efficiency, capacity and scalability while delivering faster web browsing to mobile subscribers.

Bytemobile said that by deploying the MobileMatch application in conjunction with its other solutions, operators can leverage their insight into user preferences for the effective delivery and monetization of personalized content and services. As an enabler of the Widget Bar and Ad Insertion applications of Bytemobile's Web Fidelity Suite, MobileMatch supports the selection of the most personally relevant value-added services and delivers network-based widgets and advertisements to a mobile user that are based on his or her unique browsing behavior. Since targeted content generates significantly higher click-through rates, they increase revenue and business value with their potential to influence a consumer's purchasing decision.

Bytemobile noted that since its launch in 2001, the OSN has been commercially deployed by 104 wireless network operators worldwide.

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