Monday, April 13, 2009

BT Launches "Onevoice" Unified Communications SIP Enhancements

BT launched three new key unified communications and collaboration (UCC) enhancements to its "OneVoice" converged communications platform. Available in over 60 countries, BT Onevoice builds on its end-to-end, global virtual private network (VPN) service for all voice communications with the addition of session initiation protocol (SIP) connectivity, BT Onevoice Conferencing services and integrated 'on net" mobile phone access for international calls.

BT said the addition of SIP access is a vital development to the platform as it allows customers access to next generation UCC features such as presence and cost effective flexible IP access. BT's global SIP roll-out will take place through 2009 delivering UCC capability to all main BT Onevoice supported countries by the end of the year.

The second collaborative application now available on BT Onevoice is BT Onevoice Conferencing, creating a market leading combination of global UC capabilities and features, allowing BT MeetMe -- BT's audio conferencing service - calls to be delivered at significantly reduced 'on net" rates, with the convenience of short code dialling.

As well as global conferencing calls, the third enhancement is the ability to capture international mobile voice traffic through the BT Onevoice platform and deliver it through the converged voice and data network. Called BT Onevoice Mobile Access, these features allow commonly used calls to be routed directly onto the BT Onevoice global VPN and treated as 'on net" traffic allowing organisations to realise significant cost savings on international mobile calls from the user's home country.

BT also noted that in addition to enhancing BT Onevoice, the company leading a number of 'communications as a service" projects leveraging technology from recently acquired internet telephony company Ribbit. Based on SIP, the field pilots with a small number of customers are enabling 'on net" calling from any internet connected browser.

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