Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ascom Introduces High Performance LTE Scanner

Ascom announced the availability of its Long-Term Evolution (LTE) 700 MHz spectrum scanning receiver solution, which supports simultaneous multiband and multi-mode RF measurements. The new scanner design supports LTE baseband scanning in the 700 MHz bands while simultaneously supporting EVDO scanning of the 850/1900 MHz bands, simplifying deployment of multi-mode LTE/EvDO systems and offering advanced baseband decoding analysis for LTE deployment. An enhancement of Ascom's existing leading RF scanner design, this third generation Software-Defined Radio (SDR) solution builds on Ascom's proven technology while serving to increase its utility and improve performance at the same time.

Supporting precise measurements of the downlink signal strength in 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 700 MHz bands, the scanner is offered in three forms: as a standalone scanner product, as an upgrade to Ascom's popular Symphony) Quality of Service (QoS) wireless network benchmarking and optimization products, and as an OEM version for integration with third party test and monitoring equipment.

The scanner module is fully programmable and supports simultaneous scanning of multiple technologies (CDMA-1x, EvDO, and LTE) and provides both received signal strength indication (RSSI) and high performance, technology specific baseband decoding. As with previous designs, CDMA modes deliver Ec/Io, Ec/Ep, individual Walsh code measurements, All PN scan, and an automated Top PN scan. The unit's rapid CDMA scan rate of 100ms/512 PNs coupled with high precision measurements offers unparalleled analysis capabilities for CDMA operators, simplifying pilot pollution detection and neighbor list optimization as well as identifying "island cell" conditions and other timing related and multi-path interference induced issues.


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