Monday, April 6, 2009

Aricent Simplifies LTE Development With eNodeB Software Framework

Aricent will create a Long Term Evolution (LTE) eNodeB reference solution that includes Layer 1 (PHY) and Layer 2 protocol stacks based on the next-generation Intel Xeon processor for LTE base station applications.

Aricent said the Intel architecture provides its solution performance benefits and simplifies the OEM development of eNodeB solutions.

Aricent LTE eNodeB Framework (eNBF) is a leading software solution for LTE eNodeB nodes that combines Layer 1, 2 and 3 components. The software enables complete LTE Uu functionality of the Layer 1 (DAP-PHY) processing, Layer 2 (MAC, RLC and PDCP), Layer 3 (RRC, Cell control, Call control) and S1AP, GTPu and SCTP. This framework accelerates and simplifies development of a carrier deployable solution. Aricent eNBF harnesses the power of Intel technology to integrate signal processing, packet processing and security capabilities, in addition to Macro eNodeB.

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