Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent Releases New OmniSwitch OS

Alcatel-Lucent released a new version of its OmniSwitch OS with various security enhancements. The Alcatel-Lucent Operating System 6.3.4 release expands the OmniSwitches security features set enabling:

  • The network to evaluate and enforce endpoint device health: With the CyberGatekeeper Host Integrity Check agent now integrated into the OmniSwitch, it will restrict end-user access to remediation servers only.

  • The creation of easily defined "user profiles" mapped to network and security policies: This allows an IT manager to set user profiles based on an individual's role in the organization that define access for network, application, priority, bandwidth and compliance needs.

  • The delivery of captive portal as an explicit, web-based user authentication option: Captive portal captures packets for a non-authenticated user and redirects to a predefined web page that asks the user to provide his credentials to be authenticated before being allowed to the network. This is in addition to already available authentication methods through Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian and safely allows controlled network access for guests with uncontrolled endpoint devices.

In addition, this AOS release brings an entire set of new features improving network availability, performance and uptime, with in particular Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP), compliant with ITU-T G.8032 standard, maintaining a loop-free topology, data path redundancy and fast recovery times of less than 50 milliseconds for Ethernet ring topologies.

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