Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aastra and MetaSwitch Deliver SIP Phone Apps

Aastra Telecom has collaborated with MetaSwitch to enable a range of enhanced XML-based phone applications delivered via the MetaSphere application server to Aastra's SIP handsets.

Specifically, the companies have collaborated to develop an integrated suite of applications delivered to Aastra's carrier and enterprise-grade SIP phones, including Aastra's 6755i, 6757i and 6757i CT phones. The resulting solution provides a real time synchronization between key features in the MetaSphere platform and the Aastra IP end point. Customers will be able to use the Aastra phone screen and softkeys to dip into applications and services that previously would have been only available via a computer terminal.

Using the embedded XML browser in the Aastra IP phone, the following new features are available to Service Providers deploying a MetaSwitch-Aastra hosted IP PBX solution:

  • Message List -- shows voicemails in an on-screen list and allows users to listen to, and manage messages;

  • Network Contacts -- enables users to use and update their CommPortal network contact list directly from their phone handset;

  • Network Call Lists -- displays missed, dialed, received and rejected calls, allowing return calls with a single key press;

  • Hot Desking -- allows users to log on and off from individual phone handsets, by entering their phone number and password;
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  • Service Provisioning -- empowers small business administrators to add new phone handsets to their Business Group via an on-phone UI, reducing the need to visit customer premises to turn up a new device, and allowing users to stop tracking the MAC addresses of managed phones.

These new capabilities will be delivered to carriers and end users via MetaSwitch's CommPortal Web 2.0 application infrastructure. As such, they are fully integrated with the MetaView SIP Provisioning Server and CommPortal Phone Configurator graphical user interface, simplifying deployment and creating a seamless, easy end-user experience.