Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Verizon Business Offers Professional Virtualization Services

Verizon Business is launching an expanded suite of consulting and management services to help enterprise customers achieve the benefits of virtualization -- high performance, flexibility, cost control and energy savings. The goal is to enable customers to out-task the design and the often complex day-to-day management, maintenance and security of virtualized environments.

Virtualization uncouples operating systems and applications from the physical hardware, allowing servers to run multiple virtual environments on a single machine.

"As enterprises around the world question how to do more with less, many are finding a strong answer in virtualization," said Kerry Bailey, Verizon Business senior vice president of global services. "Whether a company is moving to virtualization using its existing infrastructure or migrating a new 'app' to a virtualized model, Verizon Business' complete solution for virtualization can help companies increase efficiency and control costs."

The following services make up the company's enhanced Virtualization Consulting and Management offering:

  • Server Consolidation Assessment -- Verizon Business analyzes a customer's current environment to determine where and how the infrastructure could best be consolidated.

  • Server Consolidation Design -- Based on an initial consolidation assessment and review of business and technical requirements,
    virtualization experts design a new consolidated environment.

  • Secure Virtualization Assessment & Design -- This converged solution combines the Server Consolidation Assessment and Server Consolidation Design services, plus adds on a security assessment of the proposed virtualization environment. Verizon Business delivers to customers a design and roadmap for a new, secure environment.

  • Virtualization Design -- This service is aimed at customers who would like to design a new environment with virtualization as a key consideration, but are not necessarily consolidating existing infrastructure.

  • Virtualization Build -- Based on a design by either Verizon Business or the customer, the Verizon Business team builds and implements a virtualized solution. This service includes the installation of the hardware and network, as well as configuration of the virtual

  • Virtualization Migration -- Verizon Business provides services to migrate the customer applications and data to the new virtualized

  • Virtualization Deployment Review -- With this new service, the company will assess and provide feedback on virtualized environments implemented by the customer or another third party, as well as verify adherence to industry best practices.

In addition to a full array of professional services and a global team that includes many VMware-certified engineers, Verizon Business can host the customer infrastructure and virtual servers at one of its worldwide data centers or manage the environment remotely at the customer's premises or at a third-party colocation facility.