Monday, March 2, 2009

T-Mobile Austria Deploys Huawei Intelligent Packet Network

Huawei Technologies has implemented a replacement of T-Mobile Austria' s core data network 3 months ahead of planned schedule. The deployment uses Huawei' s advanced intelligent packet switch platform,

Huawei said its ability to move the implementation schedule ahead by 3 months represented a 50% reduction in the planned deployment schedule of the SGSN. This was accomplished without any impact on existing customer services and without compromising any of the rigorous testing which is a characteristic of T-Mobile Austria' s high quality network deployment.

In addition to the ability to handle large amounts of user data, up to 30Gbps, Huawei packet switch core network has the ability to intelligently route and manage customer data based on the needs of T-Mobile and its customers. By responding to the protocols, destination and other usage information, the Intelligent IP packet switch core provides service tailored to each type of session and supports the creation of innovative new services which will allow T-Mobile to continue its mobile broadband leadership.

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