Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ooma to Add Features for Google Voice

ooma, which offers a broadband phone service, is developing a set of features that will integrate with the upcoming Google Voice service. ooma's current and future home phone systems will support the Google Voice Extensions (GVE) with release planned for this summer. These will include:

ooma GVE Outbound Caller ID Integration -- ooma users can display their Google Voice caller ID on outbound calls from ooma systems with no need to dial additional call prompts or 20 digit phone numbers.

ooma GVE SMS text integration -- with ooma Telo handsets (available this coming August), Google Voice SMS messages may be displayed on the handsets in the home, not just on a cell phone.

ooma GVE Home Phone Integration -- allows calls sent to an ooma home phone to be forwarded directly to a Google Voice number for routing just as if the call were originally directed to a Google Voice number. This overcomes the limitation of not being able to port phone numbers to the Google Voice service. This is made possible by the "Instant Second Line" feature found in ooma Premier.

ooma GVE Call Announce -- in households where multiple Google Voice accounts exist, ooma Premier Google Voice Extensions can allow for different Google Voice accounts to forward calls directly to specific handsets in a home. The GVE Call Announce feature will also voice an announcement of who in the household the call is intended based on which Google Voice account originated the call.

ooma GVE Listen In feature -- allows a user at home to monitor and intercept a voicemail as it is being left without dialing any additional call prompts.

ooma GVE One Touch Voice Mail -- allows ooma users to access their Google Voice mailbox with a single touch of a button on an ooma Hub, Scout, or Telo handset. This eliminates the need to dial a Google Voice number and then password to gain access to voice mail.