Sunday, March 8, 2009

OKI Offers Wideband Codec Conversion in Its Session Border Controller

OKI Electric Industry has added a carrier-grade wideband codec conversion function to its session border controller (SBC) "CenterStage NX3200." The equipment is compatible with wideband codecs such as ITU-T G.711.1, and can simultaneously transfer large amounts of data between voice and video codecs used in mobile and fixed networks. The product is now available in Japan.

"We believe the new wideband codec function for both fixed and mobile networks will enable telecom carriers to offer ubiquitous services to their customers," said Hidetoshi Saigou, General Manager of Carriers Business Division at OKI. "Taking advantage of OKI's leading technologies in transmitting massive amounts of video, voice and data, and its carrier-grade hardware and software technologies for NGN that offer the ultimate in reliability, we will continue to enhance the CenterStage Series that incorporate solutions to telecom carrier needs."

G.711.1 is a wideband codec that was standardized by the ITU-T in 2008 and is backward compatible with the previous G.711 standard. In the field of codecs for mobile network, there is also a clear trend toward wideband compatibility. Wideband codecs, such as AMR-WB, EVRC Rev.B, enable better quality in voice as well as video and data. However, to use these wideband codecs, it is necessary to have a structure to seamlessly hand over service among telecom carriers.

OKI said its it is thee first in the industry to incorporate in its SBC, next-generation wideband codecs for mobile networks (AMR-WB and EVRC RevB), in addition to G.711.1 standard.