Thursday, March 12, 2009

M3X Media Buys Capacity from Level 3

M3X, a private digital entertainment and multimedia technology and services company, will utilize the North America data network of Level 3 Communications as its primary content delivery infrastructure. Specifically, M3X is using Level 3's content delivery network (CDN) services and its IP backbone.

M3X Media's software allows for the secure download, storage and enhanced playback options for personal media (music, video, games and TV programming). The company is focusing on portable media storage by integrating its proprietary software based on Linux and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 with CDN capabilities.

GrϋvMe is a new technology platform that brings together all popular forms of digital entertainment; downloadable music, music videos, interactive games as well as a multi-faceted social networking capability. The aims is to turn most cell phones, PDAs, smart phones, iPods and other MP3 players into on-the-go entertainment systems. In addition, the service can be accessed on PS3 or Wii game consoles and will operate on either Windows or Mac-based computers. GrüvMe is undergoing a semi-public beta test and a full launch is expected by mid-year.

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