Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LSI Enables Tiered Services via APP Communications Processor

LSI is releasing new software for the company's APP3300 and APP300 communication processors, which are used in customer premise equipment that is widely deployed in Tier 1 VDSL and ADSL networks around the world. The new LSI software features service-aware capabilities that service providers could leverage to shape the next generation of user-driven, tiered-pricing models.

Using programmable hardware schedulers in the APP communications processor and its own hierarchical scheduling algorithms, the Broadband Access Functional Programming Interface (FPI) 8.0 software enables network traffic to be dynamically shaped for specific services and subscribers. It also provides multiple levels of policing and priority re-marking to enable the enforcement of a broad range of service-level agreements, which allows service providers to personalize subscription plans and guarantee quality levels.

LSI said DSLAM systems using its Broadband Access FPI 8.0 can support any combination of VDSL, ADSL and SHDSL ports, which allows selected services to be introduced without replacement of deployed network equipment. Because the new software features a single API for the complete suite of LSI APP3300 and APP300 devices, OEMs can leverage a single application across a broad system portfolio.

"LSI's newest Broadband Access FPI 8.0 allows network services to be cost-effectively provisioned and managed," said Sindhu Xirasagar, network processor software product line manager, Networking Components Division, LSI. "This new solution enables service providers to increase the intelligence, control and security of their networks and deliver higher-value, tiered-subscription services at lower incremental cost."http://www.lsi.com