Tuesday, March 17, 2009

JDSU Enhances NetComplete with Empirix's Hammer Signaling Monitoring

JDSU will incorporate Empirix's Hammer XMS content traffic and signaling-layer monitoring capabilities with the JDSU NetComplete testing platform. With the addition of Hammer XMS, NetComplete provides a comprehensive service monitoring solution that addresses both signaling and media content, correlates across multiple protocols, quickly identifies network problems, and helps deliver a best-quality customer experience.

JDSU's NetComplete service assurance platform includes NetAnalyst and NetOptimize OSS software and the QT-600 Ethernet triple-play probe. The QT-600 monitors service quality at operational demarcation points throughout a network, gathering media layer details such as call quality, video quality and the amount of data being transferred. With Empirix's Hammer XMS, NetComplete delivers both active and passive signaling monitoring that retrieves information about the success or failure of voice or data transmissions.