Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ixia Scales VoIP Testing to One Million Concurrent Endpoints

Ixia's has scaled its IxLoad Voice testing platform to emulate 1 million SIP- and RTP-based endpoints per chassis -- five times the capacity of its nearest competing product.

IxLoad tests VoIP network components, including IP-based PBXs, softswitches, call managers, session border controllers, and media gateways, using scenarios involving multiple voice protocols, complex calling sequences, and triple-play mixes of voice, video and data traffic. IxLoad's subscriber modeling emulates user communities that vary in service usage and timing. Ixia said this approach yields performance results that accurately predict live-network capacity -- allowing service providers to correctly provision their networks. Ixia supports all of the essential VoIP signaling and transmission protocols, including SIP, RTP, SCCP, MGCP, H.323, and H.248 -- with complex call flows and Class 5 features.

IxLoad emulates and tests security and network infrastructure protocols, including IPSec, PPP, DHCP and multiple forms of authentication. Voice call security is also supported by SIP/TLS and SRTP. Ixia's VQM support module delivers real-time evaluation of end-user quality of experience (QoE), such as PESQ scores for 300 simultaneous calls -- making it unnecessary to wait for time-consuming, post-test analysis. IxLoad facilitates rapid testing, refinement, troubleshooting and automation to maximize testing productivity.

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