Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harmonic Introduces DiviCom Electra 8000 Universal Broadcast Encoder

Harmonic introduced its DiviCom Electra 8000 encoding and transcoding platform featuring support for MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) and MPEG-2 codecs in standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats at up to full frame-rate 1080p 50/60. The DiviCom Electra 8000 delivers four channels per rack unit (RU) and uses 40 percent less power than the industry average for HD AVC encoding.

Harmonic said the new platform enables cable MSOs to deliver up to four HD MPEG-2 services in one QAM, satellite operators can increase channel count per transponder, telco IPTV service providers can improve reach with constant bit-rate HD video at 5 Mbps or less, and ATSC stations can implement a cost-effective "station-in-a-box" with integrated HD/SD statistical multiplexing and PSIP re-multiplexing.

Key features of the new Electra 8000 encoder include:

  • A compact design supporting up to 4 video inputs in a 1-RU chassis, ideal for operators mindful of their carbon footprint, energy costs and rack space

  • Support for either MPEG-2 or AVC encoding/transcoding, and a wide variety of SD and HD formats, including 1080p24 and full frame-rate 1080p50/60

  • An enhanced compression engine with a unique multi-pass architecture incorporating the latest ASIC and DSP/FPGA technologies

  • An innovative high quality second channel output, capable of delivering a variety of resolutions, from picture-in-picture all the way up to full HD resolution for switched digital video (SDV) or time-shifted TV applications

  • A built-in broadcast quality up/down converter for differentiated services such as an HD broadcast of the premium SD lineup

  • Integrated statistical multiplexing "in the box" with Harmonic's DiviTrackMX, or support for DiviTrackIP in LAN or distributed WAN environments

  • IP or ASI outputs, multiple audio format options, native support for Digital Program Insertion (DPI), and FLEX integrated decoding with IP, 8VSB or ASI inputs.