Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fractal Antenna Systems Announces Metamaterial Breakthrough

Fractal Antenna Systems, an antenna and electronics firm based in Waltham, Mass. announced a breakthrough in its development of wideband, high fidelity performance metamaterials. Metamaterials are man-made structures that are built from patterns of electronic resonators. The behavior of metamaterials can be used to make light bend in the ‘wrong' direction; enabling unusual lenses and invisibility cloaks.

Fractal Antenna Systems said it solved a key problem limiting the practicality of metamaterials -- how to make them work at a large range of wavelengths. Previous efforts by others had not succeeded, and had only shown practical use at narrow bands, or single colours.

The company has demonstrated the world's first wideband see-through ‘invisibility cloak'. The invisibility cloak causes microwaves to bend around an object to the other side and have close to same intensity, as if there was no object at all.