Sunday, March 15, 2009

European Research Initiative Deploys Juniper Ethernet Routing and Switching

FEDERICA, a major long-term project to implement an experimental network infrastructure to support future Internet research on new networking technologies in the university and research community, is using Juniper Networks to provide its Ethernet-based high-performance network infrastructure. Specifically, FEDERICA selected the Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Routers and EX Series Ethernet Switches.

"Demands on international research and education networks are very specific," said Mauro Campanella, senior R&D Researcher at Consortium GARR, which manages the Italian research and education network, and the leader of the FEDERICA project. "The platform has to support virtualization, high-performance and security at scale, provide flexibility to enable continuous innovation and remain open to support large and diverse research challenges. Juniper Networks has expertise in this environment, and is known for providing an open, standards-based solution that encourages rather than inhibits innovation. This is the type of technology we needed to provide the flexible, customizable research network infrastructure that our project demands. The technology matches the FEDERICA network infrastructure provided by national research and education networks through the G√ČANT2 high bandwidth backbone network very well. Juniper has been a participant in the FEDERICA project since it was proposed, and the high level of skills that Juniper is contributing is greatly valued by the project team."http://www.fp7-federica.eu

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