Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ECI Telecom Debuts Compact ADM-64 for Metro-Access Aggregation

ECI Telecom launched its BroadGate-64 (BG-64), a new converged, packet-TDM, micro MSPP (Multi Service Provisioning Platform) designed for metro access and aggregation platform.

The compact ADM platform offers 10 Gbps/STM-64 interfaces and is small enough to fit into street cabinets. It provides 40G of high capacity with a flexible architecture that support both TDM and pure Ethernet. The platform allows carriers to leverage their SDH installed base while offering a mix of PCM, PDH, and carrier-class data services, including Ethernet L1 and L2 and MPLS-based services.

Key features include:

  • Redundant ADM-64/MADM-16

  • Compact -- the smallest ADM-64

  • Unique convergence of PDH, SDH, and carrier class Ethernet/MPLS in a single miniature enclosure

  • Full non-blocking 40 Gbps LO/HO matrix

  • Scalable from 64 Kbps up to STM 64)

  • Cross connect (DXC 1/0) capability -- supporting a rich mix of low bit rate interfaces

  • Optional expansion unit (BG-30E)

  • Ethernet transport schemes -- EoP (P2P, P2MP), EoS, EoMPLSoSDH, EoMPLS

  • Ethernet services support - E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree Topology agnostic -- enabling mesh, ring, multi-ring, star, and point-to-point topologies

  • Mix and Match - PDH, TDM and Ethernet (L1/2, MPLS) services

  • Advanced video distribution - P2MP multicast tree, IGMP

ECI outlined several deployment scenarios that might require both TDM and Ethernet access, including VOD Triple Play services, mobile network backhaul and
utility network services. Moreover, with its ability to support services ranging from 64 Kbps and up to 10Gbps and from PDH, Ethernet over PDH (EoP) through SDH, Ethernet over SDH (EoS) and carrier-class Ethernet MPLS, the BG-64 is uniquely positioned to cost effectively cope with both current and future requirements of the metro-access aggregation network.

BG-64 works in concert with the ECI portfolio, tied together by ECI's 1Net architectural framework.


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