Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deutsche Telekom Selects ECI Telecom for NGF Project

Deutsche Telekom has selected ECI Telecom to participate in its Next-Generation Factory (NGF) initiative for PSTN -- all IP substitution. The NGF project will upgrade DT's network from circuit-switched to IP-based, improving performance and reducing network complexity. It will also simplify the carrier's network architecture, integrate the several platforms being used now, and provide the flexibility necessary for new services through common service capabilities.

Specifically, ECI will be supplying DT its Hi-FOCuST MSAN (Multi-Service Access Node), which supports ADSL2+, VDSL2, SHDSL and SIP-based voice services. DT will also be deploying ECI's central office-based F152 and M82 platforms and its M41 outdoor-optimized platform.

"One of ECI's main value propositions is our ability to partner with our tier 1 customers in understanding their long term requirements in our ever-changing world, and continuously delivering the optimal solutions that respond to their specific needs. ECI's 1Net framework aligns nicely with DT's NGF, as it addresses the challenge of network migration with the flexibility, timeliness and cost-effectiveness necessary in today's world. We are looking forward to partnering with DT in this exciting project," said Jehonatan Neuberger, Managing Director, ECI Telecom Germany.

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