Sunday, March 29, 2009

Commex Introduces Content-Aware 10GbE Network Adaptor

Commex Technologies introduced a dual-channel "content aware" 10GbE Network Interface Card with the ability to perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) on-chip inside a computer sever and thereby bypass packets based on specified content criteria to another server. This capability ensures that each server within a cluster of servers will receive only the desired subset of network traffic to process within its maximum capacity; the sum total of all traffic is shared smartly among the cluster of servers. The Commex Vulcan SP content-aware bypass dual-channel 10GbE NIC leverages AMD Direct Connect Architecture by connecting directly to a Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor via a 16-lane HyperTransport interface.

Commex said its content-aware bypass technology coupled with efficient multicore scalability, enables its adaptor card to perform smart load balancing between servers as well as within-server CPU core load balancing. The combined effect of several servers, each utilized to its fullest capacity, simultaneously processing large volumes of network traffic, is a robust modular architecture that can scale proportionally to the volume of traffic that needs to be processed.