Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Codenomicon Identifies XML Vulnerability and Robustness Issues

Codenomicon, which specializes in protocol robustness and security test solutions, has introduced an XML testing product the identifies security weaknesses in products that leverage XML technology.

Codenomicon's XML solution pro-actively diagnoses currently unknown-vulnerabilities, as opposed to screening for already known-vulnerabilities which are much less valuable to a hostile third party.

Codenomicon said that vendors of XML-based products have had little opportunity to find and fix the unknown-vulnerabilities which can lead to security issues resulting in reduced network and service uptime. Through its Codenomicon Labs facility, Codenomicon has been extensively testing XML implementations for some time and will be releasing the collated results to the public. Codenomicon is also advising key members of the XML community, its partners and customers of the findings ahead of the public results announcement in accordance with its safe disclosure policy.


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