Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cisco Collaborates on Vision 2030 for Sustainable Cities

Cisco is working with Metropolis, an association comprised of 106 of the world's largest cities, to develop its "Vision 2030" for sustainable cities around the world. Specifically, Cisco and Metropolis have agreed to collaborate on the following main areas:

  • Develop the 'Vision 2030' for Sustainable Cities: Cisco and Metropolis will develop a long term vision for sustainable cities enabled by networked technologies.

  • Collaboration for Urban Innovation: Metropolis and Cisco will explore the possibility of establishing regional Innovation Centres. The regional innovation centers will anchor implementation actions on different policy areas, associating the selected cities and Cisco to develop new platforms and tools to manage urban services.

  • Cisco will also provide strategic advice on the program and support the development of a partnership approach in urban innovation for Metropolis and its business associates, with a specific focus on technology and business partnerships.

  • Create a digital collaboration platform for Metropolis members: Cisco will use its collaborative solutions, such as Cisco WebEx and Cisco TelePresence, to facilitate the creation of a collaborative operating model between Metropolis and its member cities. Using a Web 2.0 approach, Cisco will help facilitate the exchange of innovation between cities across the world.

  • Establish an Urban Leadership "Academy": Cisco and Metropolis aim to jointly develop a framework, with training and skills programs, that demonstrates how cities can use technology more effectively to drive sustainability. Training modules will also help city leaders, urban planners and practitioners better understand the potential role and impact of networked technologies on the performance of their cities.
  • In February, Cisco announced outlined its belief that advanced networking technologies can be used to spur an new era of "Intelligent Urbanisation," where the network serves as the next utility for integrated city management, better quality of life for citizens, and economic development. Building on the thought leadership developed through Cisco's ongoing efforts with Connected Urban Development (CUD), the company's Intelligent Urbanisation initiative will bring together a broad portfolio of Cisco's products, services, partners and solutions. The initial focus will be on global sustainable solutions for public safety and security, transportation, buildings, energy, healthcare and education.

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