Sunday, March 15, 2009

Broadcom Introduces "Persona" IP Phone Processors in 65nm

Broadcom announced a new scalable IP communications design platform featuring advanced 65 nanometer IP communications processors that enable a full range of high performance, low power, low cost products for next generation IP phones and multimedia terminals.

The new Broadcom Persona design platform, based on its flagship BCM11107 VoIP processor, enables enterprise and consumer IP phones to offer multimedia capabilities, premium audio, robust Ethernet switching, enhanced security and extensive peripheral support.

"Next generation IP phones are positioned to become the central communications portal of both the office and home, enabling users with advanced applications to take advantage of multimedia features, streaming video and touch screen interfaces," said Martyn Humphries, Vice President & General Manager for Broadcom's VoIP line of business. "Multimedia functionality should ultimately increase user efficiency, and productivity thereby accelerating high quality, advanced IP communications devices in the enterprise and a high quality experience in the home."

Several designs will be offered. This includes the Broadcom BCM11107 for higher end Gigabit multimedia telephony applications, the BCM11109 for mainstream Gigabit enterprise applications, and the BCM11170 for value-line and low-end enterprise, small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) and small office/home office (SoHo) applications.

Broadcom said it will offer pin-compatible Persona designs so that manufacturers can leverage a common hardware design and printed circuit boards (PCBs) across multiple products.

Each single-chip Persona device features a Gigabit or Fast Ethernet switch with packet filtering capabilities and physical layer devices (PHYs) to support high-speed networks, super-wideband capable analog audio codecs, and high performance applications and digital signal processors which support Broadcom's PhonexChange IP telephony software suite. PhonexChange is a flexible software platform used across all Broadcom IP phone solutions, allowing IP phone customers to leverage a common software code base across product portfolios, which in turn, minimizes engineering development resources, and time-to-market. The software suite includes a standards based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling stack, Broadcom's high fidelity SmartAudio voice enhancement technology, multimedia and video telephony modules, provisioning and security software, along with other key components required to build Ethernet IP phone products. PhonexChange also includes built-in support for Broadcom's industry-leading Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity products, allowing OEMs to add best-in-class wireless technologies to expand functionality for next generation products.