Sunday, March 1, 2009

AT&T Enhances its Managed Hosting Services

AT&T introduced a Remote Infrastructure Management service that provides businesses a one-stop solution for managing and monitoring their IT infrastructures regardless of location. AT&T Remote Infrastructure Management delivers this capability to a company's location -- whether it is an in-house company data center, remote office, or even third-party center -- along with on-site servicing of equipment if needed. The service is now generally available in the United States and on a case-by-case basis globally. Key elements include:

  • AT&T will design, deploy and maintain a customer's servers, storage and network infrastructure devices. Customers can select from three levels of server management and monitoring support all backed by AT&T's service level agreements.

  • AT&T will manage a company's environment remotely and make "house calls" on premise to install, repair or upgrade equipment - even if that premise is a third-party data center.

  • Companies can access AT&T reporting tools that show the status of servers and systems across their infrastructures through real-time alerts and performance reports on AT&T's BusinessDirect portal.

  • Companies can also combine AT&T Remote Infrastructure Management with other managed services delivered from AT&T Internet data centers (IDCs) for enhanced capabilities such as load balancing applications across both an AT&T IDC and a customer-owned data center.

"In order to remain competitive in the current economy, businesses must concentrate resources on their core competencies. As a result, they often lack the in-house expertise to manage and monitor complex IT infrastructures," said Roman Pacewicz, Senior Vice President, AT&T Strategy and Application Services.

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