Monday, March 2, 2009

ARRIS Debuts ConvergeMedia VOD Products

ARRIS introduced its new ConvergeMedia portfolio of media application and distribution platforms for VOD and advanced advertising. The ConvergeMedia Distribution platform is comprised of two new media switching systems, each with specific market applications and On Demand content delivery capabilities:

  • The ARRIS XMS (Any 'X' Media Stored & Streamed) Origin server has a high storage to stream ratio and is ideal for centralized and large video libraries. Based on a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) platform, XMS is optimized for performance across 200 to 20,000 streams and its architectural flexibility allows for deployment of small sites to large sites and central libraries to hierarchical architectures. It features adaptive storage design (SAS, SATA, SSD or RAM), cost-effective nPVR applications and built-in linear and On Demand advertising support.

  • The ARRIS MDX (Media Distribution Switch 'X'), developed by Verivue, Inc., is a high capacity media delivery system built on a network platform, combining scalable network transport with media storage and streaming. Individual MDX nodes can be networked together over an IP backbone to operate as a content distribution network (CDN), each node cooperating with others to dynamically move the content source closer to the requesting end user. The MDX features an innovative solid-state storage subsystem based on Flash Memory technology, offering significantly higher streaming performance when compared to hard disk drives. Another design feature of the MDX allows penalty-free high speed content ingest.

ARRIS said its ConvergeMedia portfolio includes standards-based back office support for On Demand TV applications and services, including Video on Demand - transactional, free, subscription and advertising-supported - Switched Video, Personal Video Recording and Time-Shifted TV. It also provides head end support for linear advertising applications including digital program insertion, addressable advertising and schedule management for multiple system interconnects.

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