Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arbor Networks' Atlas Internet Monitoring System Grows to 100+ ISPs

Arbor Networks' ATLAS Internet monitoring system has grown to include traffic from 100+ ISPs.
In addition to monitoring for security-related events, ATLAS now includes real-time global Internet traffic, routing and application information.

Arbor said it has been able to build the massive ATLAS data set because of its position as a trusted third party among the global service provider community. All participating ISPs have agreed to share anonymous traffic data on an hourly basis. The system gathers traffic intelligence using Arbor's Peakflow SP and eSeries DPI-based platforms which are deployed by the ISPs. The anonymized data about each ISP network is then aggregated into the ATLAS system, analyzed by Arbor's security research team and then shared among Arbor's service provider customers.

The Atlas data set now includes:

  • Over 3 Terabits per second of Internet transit traffic monitored and reported

  • 1 million+ unique IPv4 Internet addresses monitored for globally routed dark IP addresses

  • 31 GB of global darknet traffic is analyzed daily

  • Global dark IP route coverage is spread across North America, Europe and Japan

  • 75+ ISPs are sharing all real-time attack data with Arbor

  • 30+ ISPs are sharing full real-time routing data

  • 55 ISPs are participating in the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance (FSA)

As an example of data collected by Atlas, Arbor Networks shared details on the flood of Adobe Flash streaming video traffic that spiked during the Obama inauguration on January 20.


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