Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent Launches Rich Communications Manager for Service Provider Portals

Alcatel-Lucent released an "Rich Communications Manager" that enables Service Providers to offer an online portal with advanced messaging controls for fixed, mobile, and IP devices. Leveraging Web 2.0 functionality, the portal allows mobile and wireline end users to retrieve, view, respond, and forward video, photos and text.

Subscribers can drag and drop content across voice mail, SMS, MMS, email, faxes, calendars, and address books. In addition to eliminating the traditional silos between various networks by making all mobile and PC communications visible in one place, the Rich Communications Manager eliminates multiple logins, user interfaces and contexts defined by different messaging applications.

The product can also support online message management capabilities for 3rd party voicemail systems. It enables end users to retrieve, view, respond, forward voicemails, SMS, MMS, emails, and fax from a web portal with built-in network address book to store all their contacts. The network address book supported is in compliance with GSM Association Rich Communication Suite (RCS)
release 1.0.