Thursday, March 12, 2009

Airspan to Supply Municipal WiMAX in Galicia, Spain

Airspan Networks has been selected by the government of La Xunta, Spain, through its service provider R, to create two WiMAX networks, one to be used by the municipality to remotely connect offices throughout the region and a second WiMAX network connecting several industrial zones and businesses.

Airspan noted that the Galicia region in northern Spain faces especially challenging connectivity issues due to a rough terrain and landscape. Laying traditional wire cabling across the county is not feasible, which has left much of the region's constituency, a portion of which is located in remote villages and rural areas, with a digital gap.

The WiMAX network includes 32 Airspan WiMAX base stations with a large quantity of ProST outdoor units installed at the customer premises. The inherent technology of the ProST subscriber terminals ensures improved connectivity rates over long distances, supplying reliable data transmission in both line-of-site (LOS) and non-line-of-site (NLSO) environments.

The municipal solution comprises 400 Airspan FlexNET base stations dispersed throughout the county, providing long-range capabilities and extending the network reach. These units allow for high-capacity connectivity over a secure environment. In addition to network and Internet connectivity, the solution also provides for IP telephony and Wi-Fi hotspot locations.

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