Monday, February 16, 2009

ZTE Supplies Software Defined Radio-based HSPA+ in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's CSL New World Mobility (CSLNWM), a subsidiary of Australia's Telstra, is working with ZTE to build a SDR (Software Defined Radio) based HSPA+ network. The companies said it is the first large-scale all-IP network with such SDR technology. Specifically, ZTE will upgrade CSLNWM's existing infrastructure with a fully integrated 2G/3G all-IP SDR-based network.

Furthermore, ZTE and CSLNWM have successfully completed testing of the HSPA+ network capability in Hong Kong on 15 February 2009, delivering HSPA+ (64QAM) services which can provide up to 21Mbps download speed.

ZTE's SDR technology provides CSLNWM's network with increased flexibility by reducing equipment space and power requirements, and at same time enabling high speed, advanced traffic management and future-proof systems. SDR solutions enable operators to upgrade to next generation networks, including HSPA+, MIMO and LTE.

CSLNWM's new network will include a single core network, RAN and network management system and operation systems and software (NMS/OSS).

CSLNWM is the largest mobile operator in Hong Kong and a subsidiary of Telstra. Its GSM/UMTS network counts over 2.5 million subscribers.

  • Telstra was the world's first operator to roll-out a nationwide 3G HSDPA network. The network was commercially launched in Australia in 2006Telstra Australia's Next G network operates in the 850MHz range and is expected to reach speeds of 100 Mbps over the next few years