Monday, February 23, 2009

ZTE Announces EV-DO Rev B VoIP Call on CDMA2000 System

ZTE announced a technological milestone -- achieving the world's first EV-DO Revision B (Rev.B) VoIP Call on its CDMA2000 system, marking the first time in the industry that a CDMA vendor achieved a 9.3 Mbps download rate and 5.4 Mbps upload rate. Specifically, ZTE completed the first stage of achieving EV-DO Rev.B and adopted 3-carrier bundling technology, with each carrier having a bandwidth of 1.25 MHz. Compared with mature commercial EV-DO Rev.A, ZTE said its implementation of EV-DO Rev.B upgrades EV-DO Rev.A's software with no additional hardware equipment required. Both ZTE's EV-DO Rev.A and Rev.B adopt the same baseband chipset.

In future, EV-DO Rev.B can bundle up to a maximum of 15 carriers, with a download (forward) rate of 73.5 Mbps and an upload (reverse) rate of 27 Mbps. Among the unique features of EV-DO Rev.B include allocating flexible bandwidth and offering better QoS, hence enhancing user experience.

The announcement was made at the recently concluded 3GPP2 Standards Conference 2009 held in Shanghai, China from February 16-24, which was jointly organized by ZTE and China Telecom.

ZTE plans to commercialize its EV-DO Rev.B system in Q3 2009, reaffirming its leading position in EV-DO technology development.

There are now more than 105 million EV-DO users worldwide. To date, ZTE has established 70 EV-DO networks in more than 60 countries, including China, the United States, Czech, Poland, India and Indonesia.