Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yankee Group to Obama: Advance U.S. Broadband Penetration

Yankee Group President and CEO Emily Green issued an open letter to President Obama, urging him to advance America from 19th place in the world in broadband penetration. The research firm advises 10 steps to advance the nation toward ubiquitous connectivity -- termed Anywhere by Yankee Group -- with the unification of wired and mobile broadband networks to create new capabilities for citizens, businesses and governments alike.

The 10 steps outlined are:

1. Recommit to building a public safety broadband network.

2. Fund the Rural Broadband Administration (RBA).

3. Stop delaying the transition to digital TV

4. Lead the public use of "white space" spectrum.

5. Encourage the use of femtocell technology.

6. Mandate fiber be built into new public housing and multitenant buildings.

7. Optimize public transportation with wireless information.

8. Make businesses more competitive by encouraging remote workers.

9. Deliver medical diagnoses and basic health care over the Internet.

10. Create a Community Service Geek Squad to help analog citizens.