Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tata Communications Tests GSMA IP eXchange with TELUS and Telekom Austria

Tata Communications has completed trials of its wireless IP interconnection technology, part of the international GSM Association's program to develop the next generation of wireless services. The Tata Communications trial verified its IP eXchange framework can interconnect wireless networks over IP, which is more efficient and flexible than the traditional Time-Division Multiplexing technology.

Tata Communications' trials were part of the GSMA's IP eXchange (IPX) Pre-Commercial Implementation Project, which is verifying the design and operation of IPX networks through a series of trials designed to validate technical and commercial specifications. Once adopted, IPX will act as a private global IP backbone, open to any telecommunications company adhering to the required standards. IPX will provide fixed and mobile service providers with a technical and commercial platform for the performance-based exchange of IP-based services.

In the trial, Tata Communications partnered with Canadian telecommunications company, TELUS and Telekom Austria to successfully interconnect voice services using different signaling and transmission standards. The trial demonstrated the flexibility of Tata Communications' newly-deployed NGN network by bridging voice over IP services using several very different standards. The trial demonstrates that Tata Communications, with its unique global footprint and service capabilities, can commercialize IPX Voice Services.

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