Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orange Business Services Launches 3G IP VPN and Services

Orange Business Services introduced two new services that allow branch office sites to connect to the Orange IP VPN by using a cellular-enabled router and a 3G mobile access provided by Orange.

The wireless Air Quick Start service significantly reduces the lead time to connect.

Air Back-up solves the issue of the last mile disruption thanks to ground/air diversity.

Previously, customers worked directly with local mobile providers to integrate a temporary or back-up access within their IT environment. With Air Back-up and Air Quick Start, the solution is a fully secured package from Orange Business Services eliminating the need for customers to buy separately 3G routers, cards and complex data plans from various mobile providers.

The new services are being rolled out gradually in Belgium, Canada, France (for Air Back-up), Germany, Spain and the U.S. by February 09; Italy, Romania, Switzerland , U.K., Netherlands, Poland and Portugal by the end of June 09; and Asia and other European countries in the second half of 2009.

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