Thursday, February 12, 2009

NETGEAR Unveils Residential 3G Femtocell

NETGEAR unveiled a residential gateway that integrates ADSL2+ modem, router, Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi access point, (VoIP, and a miniature 3G femtocell base station. NETGEAR partner with Ubiquisys on femtocell technology.

"This public demonstration, of advanced 3G mobile voice and data services integrated with landline telephony and wired and wireless multimedia, now proves the relevance of integrating 3G wireless, LAN, voice and WAN technologies into Mobile Operators' networks," said David James, NETGEAR's director of service provider products. "Mobile operators and consumers are rapidly realizing the advantages that femtocells offer in delivering a quad-play experience with improved coverage, capacity and throughput to customers."


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