Sunday, February 1, 2009

Motorola Launches LTE trial network in UK

Motorola launched an LTE trial network and testing lab in Swindon, UK. The occasion was marked with a live, over the air, standards compliant LTE call during which high-speed data services were streamed using Motorola's LTE infrastructure operating in the 2.6GHz spectrum and a prototype LTE device.

Motorola's research lab in Swindon is working on LTE radio frequency and self organizing network (SON) development. In addition, the site in Swindon remains a center of excellence for Motorola base station transceiver (BTS) development for GSM and now LTE. Development of Motorola's LTE solutions is also conducted in Arlington Heights, Illinois; Fort Worth, Texas; Beijing, China and Bangalore, India.

Motorola said the lab facilities offers operators the ability to engage in LTE technology field trials and detailed real-world equipment testing. Additionally, Motorola can host the core elements of the LTE network for operators that require a hosted LTE trial in EMEA.

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