Sunday, February 15, 2009

Microsoft and Partners Show New Windows Phones

Microsoft and key mobile partners, HTC, LG and Orange, unveiled new Windows phones based on Windows Mobile 6.5 and featuring a new user interface and a richer browsing experience. In addition, Windows phones will feature two new services: My Phone, to sync text messages, photos, video, contacts and more to the Web; and Windows Marketplace for Mobile, a new marketplace that will provide direct-to-phone mobile applications and can be accessed from both the phone and the Web.

The new Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen provides a dashboard-like access to new e-mails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments. It also includes an improved touch-screen interface, making it easy to take action with a finger, and an updated version of the latest Internet Explorer Mobile browser.

The free My Phone service will enable people to access, manage and back up their personal information on their device to a password-protected Web-based service.

Consumers also will be able to automatically upload photos and video from their Windows phone directly to the My Phone service, making it simple to preserve content that, in the past, would have lived and died on the phone. The My Phone service is currently available in a limited invitation-only beta.

The company also announced Microsoft Recite, a voice search technology for Windows phones version 6.0 or later, which provides users with a fast and simple way to capture, search and retrieve spoken notes and reminders using just their voice without the need to navigate menus or type text. Microsoft Recite efficiently organizes a user's spoken thoughts based on same or similar terms and phrases, and is available as a free technology preview at