Sunday, February 15, 2009

LSI Announces Multicore Blueprint for Mobiles

LSI is introducing an asymmetrical multicore architecture targeted at mobile networks based on the company's family of networking silicon and software. The blueprint calls for LSI to migrate current and future wireless products to a multicore architecture that encompasses traffic management, voice and video transcoding, content inspection, encryption, baseband and user plane processing.

LSI said wireless equipment manufacturers are routinely faced with having to integrate proprietary components from multiple sources due to a lack of multicore solutions. Similarly, service providers constructing next-generation any-to-any wireless networks need a new generation of highly integrated yet proven silicon and software building blocks. To address these challenges, LSI has created a blueprint for an asymmetrical multicore architecture specifically designed for mobile network applications such as multi-standard radio and single-chip wireless base stations.

Asymmetrical multicore architectures allow multiple cores to be aggregated on a single chip, and for those cores to vary depending upon application and network environment. This approach improves system and power efficiency by ensuring mobile service workloads are processed by function-optimized cores. This unique, programmable and scalable architecture will enable rapid development of mobile networks with the capacity to handle real-time traffic growth while lowering system and operational costs.

The LSI portfolio of solutions for mobile access, transport, media gateway and data center market segments includes communication and media processors, echo cancellation software, voice and video codecs, multi-service processors and high-performance content inspection processors. New products will be compatible with current portfolio solutions, allowing OEMs to quickly migrate to the new architecture while protecting previous investments.


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