Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Juniper Networks and Nokia Siemens Networks Partner on Carrier Ethernet

Juniper Networks and Nokia Siemens Networks are partnering to deliver a fully interoperable Carrier Ethernet solution intended to provide resilient access and aggregation for service providers worldwide. The companies said their enhanced partnership is intended to bring the vision of a unified Carrier Ethernet solution supporting all services on a single network.

The joint Carrier Ethernet solution consists of the Juniper Networks MX-series Ethernet Services Router, Nokia Siemens Networks A-series Carrier Ethernet Switch and the ASPEN "single click" network management system. Current plans are for the new Carrier Ethernet solution to be sold by the respective parties or qualified resellers. The targeted availability date is the second half of 2009 subject to compliance with applicable laws.

Juniper Networks MX-series, which includes the MX960, MX480 and MX240, provides high port-density routing and switching. The MX-series leverages JUNOS software, a single operating system running routing, switching and security platforms from Juniper Networks.

The Nokia Siemens Networks A-series provides an effective evolution path from the existing TDM networks towards the next-generation Ethernet Transport networks. The A-series provides the SDH carrier-class characteristics over a modern Carrier Ethernet network. Additionally, it enables greater cost-efficiencies by carrying both voice and data traffic with higher traffic volumes at lower costs. The A-series can serve as an access solution located at the customer premises or as an aggregation unit that gathers traffic from different customer networks.

Juniper and Nokia Siemens Networks have a long standing partnership that now encompasses IP aggregation, edge and core products and have deployed solutions in more than 200 service provider networks around the world. The enhanced partnership further strengthens both parties' positions in the Carrier Ethernet segment, one of the fastest growing network applications for wireline and mobile service providers.

At Mobile World Congress, Nokia Siemens Networks will show a demonstration of a live application over HSDPA, with the base station being backhauled over the complete chain of Carrier Ethernet Transport enabled platforms (e2e) including the following components: Flexi WCDMA BTS (the base station), FlexiPacket Radio, FlexiPacket Hub, and the Juniper Networks MX-series Ethernet Services Router. Also demonstrated will be packet-based synchronization based on the IEEE1588-2008 standard.


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