Monday, February 9, 2009

IP Infusion Adds PBB-TE Features to its ZebOS

IP Infusion announced the upcoming release of its ZebOS Network Platform version 7.7 software, featuring new support for PBB-TE functionality, an essential ingredient to creating large Carrier Ethernet networks. ZebOS 7.7, which will be available in April 2009, provides full support for MPLS and for Carrier Ethernet, allowing router and switch OEMs to lower their software engineering costs and reduce time to market in delivering next-generation transport hardware to market. Specific features in ZebOS 7.7 include:

  • Support for Provider Backbone Bridge-Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE)

  • Enhanced resiliency for IP routing and MPLS signaling with the support for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)

  • Complete non-stop forwarding (NSF) functionality for IP and MPLS

  • Hardened implementation of BGP Route Server for deployment in Carrier Networks utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware

  • Support for OpenSAF, the industry's leading high-availability (HA) middleware

  • Ability of MPLS solution to support pseudowires across multiple Packet Switched Networks (PSNs)

  • Broadcom StrataXGS IV support

"In this time of economic uncertainty, it is becoming increasingly important for networking equipment manufacturers to develop their equipment with a time-to-market advantage, without sacrificing functionality," said Koichi Narasaki, president and CEO, IP Infusion.