Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fujitsu Launches LTE eNodeB Base Stations

Fujitsu Network Communications introduced its new BroadOne LS LTE eNodeB base station portfolio featuring simplified maintenance, easy customization, and small size.

Fujitsu said its new BroadOne LS LTE eNodeB family is based on a new architectural concept and will be available in distributed and all-in-one versions. It consists of a Remote Radio Head (RRH) and a Base Band Unit (BBU). The BBU comes in both indoor and outdoor models to meet the diverse deployment environments that exist in the network today. The RRH is designed to take advantage of the lower operational cost of an all-outdoor deployment.

The RRH of the BroadOne LS LTE eNodeB incorporates a high-output amplifier, which uses a gallium-nitride (GaN) High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) device that was developed based on ultra-high-speed transistor technology patented by Fujitsu. This device is coupled with Fujitsu digital pre-distortion technology, which already has a proven track record in 3G systems, to create two high-output power transceivers packaged in a single unit. These technologies allow for efficiencies never before seen in the industry, reducing the power consumption by half over current technologies.

The RRH of the BroadOne LS LTE eNodeB is compact and light weight, enabling installation anywhere there is fiber, up to 20 km from the RRH. The highly efficient design provides low operating costs as less heat translates to no fans, no filters, or any other moving parts. By combining world-class energy efficiency and world-class design, Fujitsu has significantly reduced the costs associated with installing and operating base stations.

"Carriers who purchased AWS and 700 MHz spectrum at record pricing levels want to get the most out of their investment and satisfy consumers who continue to devour more bandwidth," said Jim Orr, principal network architect at Fujitsu Network Communications. "Our LTE solution will allow carriers to make the most efficient use of their spectrum while offering the performance that an increasingly savvy public demands. Fujitsu pioneered GaN HEMT-based amplifiers so we're able to deliver a whole new level of efficiency and operational simplicit'y that hasn't been available before to North America wireless operators.

"Fujitsu is also a leader in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies that are fundamental for LTE systems," Orr continued. "With such expertise, we can provide network operators with end-to-end LTE solutions for network infrastructure in a variety of applications and services."

Fujitsu has developed a 3GPP-compliant LTE system for the global market. In fact, Fujitsu was chosen by NTT DOCOMO to be a supplier for its LTE eNodeB in 2006 as well as its LTE core network system in 2008, and is now taking this technology leadership to the rest of the world. In a joint demonstration with NTT DOCOMO, more than 250 Mbps performance was exhibited in an outdoor environment over the Fujitsu LTE eNodeB; also demonstrated at both CEATEC Japan 2008 and CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas.

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