Wednesday, February 4, 2009

EXFO Offers Packet-OTN Test Suite

EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering has added an Ethernet-over-OTN (EoOTN) and an advanced OTN analysis test suite to its FTB-81xx Transport Blazer and Power Blazer lines of test modules.

The FTB-8130NG Transport Blazer and the FTB-8130NGE Power Blazer modules provide the ability to test Ethernet-over-OTN (EoOTN) through the generation and mapping of 10 GigE LAN traffic directly into OTU1e and OTU2e payloads, allowing network operators to efficiently test next-generation carrier Ethernet core transport networks. In addition, the FTB-8120/8120NG/8120NGE and FTB-8130/8130NG/8130NGE modules, as well as the FTB-8140 module now also support the ability to analyze and manipulate OTN overhead bytes and to intrusively test OTN signals in through mode up to 43 Gbps.