Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ericsson Achieves HSPA Speed of 42 Mbps With Multi-Carriers

Ericsson is preparing to demonstrate new HSPA multi-carrier technology for peak downlink data rates of 42 Mbps at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

Multi-carrier technology is the next step in the evolution of HSPA and enables consumers to receive data simultaneously on two frequency channels. This doubles the user data rate in the coverage area of an HSPA network and on the cell edge, where consumers normally experience lower data rates. As a result the peak downlink data rate increases from today's fastest available 21 Mbps to 42 Mbps. This significantly improves the consumer experience for online services with high-quality content.

The demonstration uses the design concept of an Ericsson Mobile Broadband Router. This consumer device enables easy-to-use fixed wireless access as an attractive alternative for fixed-line services by utilizing an HSPA network. The unit can be used anywhere broadband access is needed, such as in homes, offices or public places. Thanks to the Mobile Broadband Router, the high data rates of up to 42Mbps can be shared between multiple consumers, providing efficient use of the high-speed broadband connection.

Telstra, which is currently pioneering HSPA downlink data rates of up to 21 Mbps in their Next G commercial network, said it welcomes multi-carrier technology.

Ericsson' said its HSPA multi-carrier technology will be ready for commercial implementation by the end of 2009.